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Generating & Storing your own Energy is an Investment for the Future

Greener Connections offers a variety of energy storage solutions in energy-saving and power autonomy servicing the Brisbane South West, Ipswich,  Logan Suburbs and Gold Coast. With a combine experience of 20 years in the Solar and Battery Storage market, Greener Connections offers sound advice and solutions that are catered to your needs and requirments.

  • Solar Systems
  • Solar and Battery Storage Systems
  • Adding Battery Storage to an existing Solar System

Why Us

Greener Connections have over 20 years combined experience in Solar and Energy Storage Systems. We offer a solutions based approch matching your needs to a system that can deliver. Battery systems are our specialty, so we will always ensure you understand what to expect from your system and what it can do.

  • Solar & Battery Storage Solutions
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • EV Charging Solutions

Some of our Installs

Have a look at some of our installs, we take the extra time and care to conceal cables so your system looks like it is part of your home. We use the best materials and installers available to ensure your system looks great and stands the test of time.


Solar and Battery Storage for Jim and Linda outside of Aratula.


Solar and Soltaro Battery sotrage system installed on shed to power the site before main home was contructed at Boonah.


NDIS housing at Yarrabilba to supply backup power from solar and battery storage during blackouts.

Fresh Ideas. Thoughtful Design.

Our Testimonial

Many industrialized nations have installed significant solar power capacity into their grids to supplement or provide an alternative to conventional energy sources

"In the first month we had our battery system installed we had a storm that took out the power for 2 days. We had power from the batteries the whole time"


"We had been living off grid on generators and car batteries.  After we got an off-grid system from Greener Connection it so much quieter at night.""


"We bought a energy storage system from Greener Connections just so we could stick it to the power companies. So far so good!"

Park Ridge